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Hi I'm Adam.

Founder of Boards To Your Door.

I started this mission to help support the planet and reduce the impact we have upon the Earth in the watersports industry.

All whilst helping more people to connect with nature and improve their quality time whilst out on the water with the right board beneath their feet.

Helping to boost individuals mental health, overall fitness, sense of community and to ultimately let nature work its magic leading us towards a happier lifestyle.

My experiences have led me through the surfing industry, seeing the overall wellbeing of surfers far higher than most people I would meet in everyday life.

This I have always believed was in part due to an active lifestyle, spent out on the water and around the UK's most stunning beaches and countryside.

Whilst working in the surfing industry I noticed that the vast majority of the impact was coming from surfers having the wrong board beneath their feet.

Resulting in trade-ins, further purchases and more environmental damage.

This coupled with boards being delivered from shapers and factories to the businesses to then be shipped on further, increasing the impact of the boards before they reached the surfers.

This all led to Boards To Your Door.

The solution.

The Solution

The Solution

A business that is designed not to sell you as many boards as possible, but rather the right board.

To help you reduce your quiver size, but maximise it's potential through having the best boards under your feet to meet your needs and specifications.

And to decrease the impact of the boards by having them sent straight from the shapers and factories straight to your door.

Explore The Great Lakes & Rivers

Explore The Great Lakes & Rivers

We wanted to encourage people to get out on the water even if there weren't any waves with paddle boards.

To encourage adventure through exploring local rivers and lakes, whilst being surrounded by wildlife and friends.

We have partnered with UK surfboard and paddle board companies that are experts in their craft.

Helping us to deliver the excellence you deserve and the boards that will deliver on performance and the equipment to last.

Through excellent build quality and materials.

Exceptional quality of craft from shapers to the elite construction of the paddleboards and equipment.

We believe that we are building something that can really help make a change, for both surfers and paddle boarders, but ultimately the planet and we hope to welcome you on board the journey with us.

Thank you for reading.

See you out on the water.